Data-processing maintenance SME

Competences of our technicians are placed at your disposal: they follow with you the evolution of your network, advise you, qualify your needs, repair you, carry out the follow-up of your machines, intervene quickly in the event of urgency.
We control:

- management new data processing project
- stock management for an existing project
- the optimization and the security of a data-processing network
- the integration and migration of the operating systems
- data-processing Maintenance: system and deployment network and levelling
- the development Web: Internet,

Regular and planned maintenances

We define together the planning of the interventions to ensure an effective follow-up of your network.

The interventions consist of:

- the contribution of solutions to the user's needs
- the update of your software
- safeguard of your data
- the installations network or station
- the installation and the update of antivirus
- the installation of a plan of migration
- the update of the operating system and the third software

Interventions in urgency

A migration, an installation not envisaged, a virus which appears. We react very rapidemment.

Engagement quality

CYBERMICRO engages on the quality of service suggested: for each customer, we publish our plan of intervention, a report/ratio once the finished intervention and finally a document of “data-processing follow-up of park” in which information of your network and your workstations is recorded.

We provide to each one of our customers monitoring documents:

- Plan of intervention/deployment
- Follow-up of park
- Report
- Incident sheet

Our mission is not limited to the maintenance of your information processing system. Our consultants are at your disposal to bring all the councils necessary to a serene evolution of your system and network to you.

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